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About us

Grayhorse Mercantile believes that everyday objects and products can be beautiful. Not only are these products beautiful, but they are the ones you reach for over and over again. It’s the spatula you grab because it works so well. It’s the coffee mug that you want to use every morning. It’s the scarf you can't stop wearing. It’s the olive oil that has become a household staple. It’s a cherished vintage dish that has been given another life. And many times, it is about supporting a small maker, a women-owned business, or a brand that cares about the earth. 

We are open Wed - Mon from 11a-5p.

Where does the name Grayhorse Mercantile come from?

The name quite simply comes from a few key members in my family. My beloved Great Uncle Van adored horse racing and would travel the world, going to every race track he could. He instilled an appreciation of horses and their beauty in our family. To this day when we go to races, I always choose the beautiful gray horse to bet on. 

Uncle Van was incredibly charming, while my Grandma Neel could make the most delicious meals and baked goods, both individuals made everyone around them feel special. I was incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people in my life and I hope Grayhorse Mercantile can bring a bit of that joy to you when you visit.